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UConn PIRG launches ‘Stop Styrofoam’ campaign

The University of Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) is launching a Stop Styrofoam campaign targeted at the Dunkin Donuts on and near campus.

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Colony Collapse Disorder a looming threat to UConn’s bees

Bees are dying at an alarming rate, which is negatively affecting the environment, economy and human health. The main cause of the increasing deaths comes from a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder.

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UConnPIRG’s “lead” campaign strives to create renewable energy future for CT

Student activist group UConnPIRG will strive to keep further gas pipelines from being built in Connecticut and to move the state toward an 100 percent renewable energy future with its new “lead” campaign. 

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No Bees, No Food

We rely on bees to pollinate our food. Yet we’re allowing the use of bee-killing pesticides to drive them toward extinction. How does that make any sense?We're calling on the EPA to ban these toxic pesticides.


Protect Clean Air

By | ConnPIRG Students

Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: carbon pollution spewing from power plants fuels global warming, which threatens our health through dirtier air.Left unchecked, the deterioration of air quality triggers asthma attacks, heart attacks and other fatal diseases.

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Zero Waste Tailgate


We just finished up the sustainable event of the semester (in my humble opinion) with the ConnPIRG zero waste tailgate at the Uconn vs. Louisville football game.

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Meeting with C.O.O. Barry Feldman


We had a very productive meeting today with Barry Feldman, University Chief Operating Officer, Rich Miller from the Office of Environmental Policy, and Alex Roe, a university planner, regarding the adoption of a zero waste policy.

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