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Op/Ed: The power of young people

By | Ethan Senack
Higher Education Advocate

Why youth voting matters in this midterm election. Originally published in the Durham Herald-Sun.

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Youth Share of Electorate Rises Campus Precincts Post Turnout Increase

[Washington, DC]   According to exit polls issued by national media outlets, the youth share of the electorate increased to 19 percent in 2012 over 18 percent in 2008. 

News Release | ConnPIRG Students | New Voters Project

Students Launch Final Online and On-the-Ground Push As Voter Registration Deadline Approaches

 With the deadline for voter registration in the upcoming elections just 6 days away, students at campuses across the state launched an unprecedented online and on-the-ground campaign to mobilize young voters to the polls.  The effort leverages the strengths of traditional on-the-ground voter mobilization in coordination with newer online tactics, and the result is greater than either method on its own.

Close to 5,000 Students Registered Statewide

By | Samantha Gibb
Organizing Director

We're still tracking our final numbers, but it looks like we helped close to 5,000 students register to vote accross the state.

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Voter Registration Drive a Success

By | Allison Schilling
Storrs Chapter President

I am so excited that so many members of the UConn community were engaged with our voter registration campaign.  The UConn Votes Coalition registered more than 3,500 voters, which matches our effort in 2008 – a year of record turnout. I’m proud of what we have accomplished.

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Volunteers encourage voter registration

With the election a little over a week away, volunteers have been busy across university campuses to register eligible voters.

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Students reflect on rising cost of college, what tuition prices mean for presidential election

With the election season in its final stretch, president Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are scrambling to visit colleges to secure the youth vote.

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Students Register to Vote

Fox CT covered our Voter Registration efforts the day before the deadline to vote by mail in Connecticut.

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Signing up to Vote

The deadline to register by mail is midnight tonight.

In order to beat that deadline, the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group began working early this week to register college-age students in the state to vote, including many at Central Connecticut State University. The registration efforts are expected to have helped more than 1,000 students at four universities — including CCSU — to register by mail Monday and today.

New Voters Project

The New Voters Project is a non-partisan effort that engages, educates, and inspires young voters to be active participants in the political process. As the history of our successes demonstrate, our peer-to-peer organizing model achieves measurable increases in voter registration and voter turnout rates while building the next generation of civic leaders. Over the past 35 years, we have helped to register more than 1.9 million young people and made millions of get-out-the-vote reminders. 



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