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Alexandra Retter

This Election Day 5,452 people voted at the Mansfield Community Center, representing a significant increase in voter turnout from 2012, according to election moderator Mark Mogayzel.

“In 2012, 4,470 people cast their vote at [the Mansfield Community Center] location,” UConnPIRG campus organizer Shawna Upton said. “This means there’s been an increase of 982 more people voting this year.”

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This election’s contentious nature inspired a greater number of people to vote, Mogayzel said.

“People felt very strongly about the Clinton versus Trump race and wanted to get out and make sure their vote counted,” Mogayzel said. “This is probably a record.”

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2016 Mansfield House of Representatives Race Results
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Approximately 972 voters participated in same-day registration, Democratic deputy registrar of voters Anne Greineder said.

In addition to voting for candidates, Mansfield Community Center voters decided whether or not to approve a referendum which would allocate $873,000 to the Mansfield Middle School for gymnasium renovations on Tuesday, casting 865 blank ballots, 3,419 affirmative votes and 1,168 negative votes, according to Mogayzel.

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