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Less than 24 hours left to register to vote

By | Samantha Gibb
Organizing Director

With less than twenty four hours until the deadline to register to vote by mail in Connecticut, we are working hard to hit our goals.

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Protect Clean Air

By | ConnPIRG Students

Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: carbon pollution spewing from power plants fuels global warming, which threatens our health through dirtier air.Left unchecked, the deterioration of air quality triggers asthma attacks, heart attacks and other fatal diseases.

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Victory for Students.


We did it.

Over 7 million students will save an average of $1,000 in loan repayments, helping us become the next generation of teachers, doctors, and innovators.


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This summer we're running voter registration drives at concerts and music festivals across Connecticut, and we'd love your help.

Let us know if you want to volunteer: sign up here.

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